The Technology Resource Fee (TRF) was implemented after Associated Students, Inc. held a referendum in December of 1997 to address the lack of technological and instructional equipment resources at California State University, Dominguez Hills. In the passing of the referendum, the TRF Committee was established with a student majority.

The mission of the California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) Technology Resource Fee (TRF) Committee is to develop, support, and enhance the technological skills of our students. The committee will approve and distribute funds toward projects that help students learn, succeed, and compete in an increasingly technological world. Part of the Student Activities Fee designated for technology was conceived to support the university mission of providing educational opportunities and services of the highest quality to all students.

As technology evolves, the Committee will support the availability of and access to appropriate technologies to students while also providing the training and support necessary to fully utilize such technology. The fees identified to this Committee are collected from all matriculated students and as such ALL students of CSUDH, both on and off campus, should stand to benefit from the distribution of these funds.

The technological needs of the campus are as diverse as our student population. As a student-run initiative, the referendum as passed allows technology to be defined by the user in both the Committee structure and in determining funding. Since students comprise the majority of the Committee, this allows them to steer the Committee towards students’ immediate needs. Empowering the various campus constituencies to determine their own technological needs will enable the Committee to focus on delivering the mission of the referendum to our students.


  • Workshop Room. Student Development. WH D-36012. PC laptops. Awarded: $27,995.00.
  • Laptop Checkout Program. Loker Student Union. 30 PC laptop computers. Awarded: $135,759.06.
  • University Computer Labs. Telecomm. Services WH D-160, WH 154, and WH F-154 103 PC and Macintosh workstations. Awarded = $184,204.54.
  • Library Internet Lounge. University Library. 2nd Floor ERC. 12 PC workstations, stereo. Awarded: $62,200.00.
  • University Library. 2nd Floor ERC A-213. 36 PC workstations, 4 digital reader printers. Awarded: $38,249.58.
  • C.L.A.S.S.. SCC 11311. Awarded = $5,955.95.
  • Computer Lab. University Housing Services. Bldg. X. 25 PC workstations Awarded: $71,562.53.
  • Tutorial/Computer Lab.Athletics Dept.. Hughes Center. 10 PC workstations. Awarded: $21,350.93.
  • Chemistry Computer Lab. Chemistry Dept.. NSM D-329/331. 18 computer workstations. Awarded: $10,736.45.
  • Outreach and Info. Services. WH A-240. Plasma screen message board, 6 PC workstations, 3 laptop computers. Awarded: $44,131.44.
  • EMP Editing Lab. Communications Dept.. ERC H-120/132. Equipment for the Digital Multimedia Student Training Project. Awarded: $174,699.90 combined with Television Arts.
  • Instructional Media Center. Instructional Media Services. ERC C-121. Awarded: $222,052.26.
  • Network Applications Lab. Computer Info. Systems. SAC 2103. 31 PC workstations. Awarded: $6,756.39.
  • Spatial Analysis Lab. Earth Sciences. NSM B-320. 15 PC Workstations Awarded: $23,560.15.
  • Enhanced Learning Lab. Liberal Studies. SOE 1216. 24 Dell laptop computers and peripherals. Awarded: $45,028.31.
  • Recording Studio. Music Dept.. LCH A-201. Awarded: $48,766.85.
  • University Honors Program. LabSAC 215. 36 PC workstations. Awarded: $6,928.00.
  • Art Design. Computer Lab. LCH C-104. 24 - G4 Macintosh workstations. Awarded: $137,623.72.
  • Physics Dept.. NSM B-242. 8 PC workstations and various other equipment. Awarded: $19,871.53.
  • Psychology Lab. Psychology Dept.. SBS A-240. 3 Camcorders, 12 PC workstations, 1 projector and 2 laptop computers. Awarded: $44,021.34.
  • Theatre Arts. UTC B-203. Various broadcasting equipment. Awarded: $29,850.53.
  • V Studio Television Arts. ERC H-120. Various television production equipment. Awarded: $174,699.90 combined with Communications.