ASI | Spring Fling
The Associated Students, Inc. serves as the official voice of the students at California State University, Dominguez Hills.
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Spring Fling is ASI’s annual end of the year celebration. Taking place on the last Friday in April, Spring Fling features live music, food trucks, free activities and tons of giveaways. The Spring Fling concert is a perfect example of how ASI implements student feedback; the student body wanted an end of the year concert similar to what other campuses put on. The students were polled as to who they wanted to see perform live, and Spring Fling was born.


Why did we not get this artist? How come we got this artist? I thought we were polled about who to we wanted to see?
ASI had been in negotiation with an agency back in Fall 2018 that listed artists such as J Cole, YG, Bad Bunny, Ozuna and more as available and in our price range for the 2019 Spring Fling. Because of this, we included these artists and more on our Spring Fling Survey to ask the students who they would prefer to see live. When the survey results had concluded, the agency stopped communicating with us, and we had to move on. We found another agency that specializes in working with colleges who informed us that all of the names we had previously been asking about were well out of our price range, some of them were even on tour during the time we had hoped to book them. We were then in communication with YG who expressed interest, but was unable to commit because he had just agreed to perform at Coachella, which has a very strict radius clause when it comes to local performances. With the new agency, we decided to narrow our list down to artists similar to those we had previously talked about and eventually, the Spring Fling Committee settled on Dom Kennedy.

Why is there a charge for tickets this year but last year was free?
Spring Fling 2018 featuring 2Chainz was free for students because it was the first Spring Fling concert that the Associated Students, Inc. had put on. Similar to how food and beverage companies hand out free samples to get you interested, we wanted the first concert to remain free for students to help everyone understand what we could do in the future. In addition, the cost of booking an artist, reserving a venue, renting equipment and staffing, we had to make the decision to charge for tickets or severely downgrade the caliber of event we wanted to put on for the students.

Why can’t there be cheaper options for food?
Unfortunately, the food trucks are contracted by Dignity Health Sports Park, and we have no say in what they charge. The same applies for any beverages on site.