ASI | Risk Management Policy
The Associated Students, Inc. serves as the official voice of the students at California State University, Dominguez Hills.
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Risk Management Policy

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Risk Management Policy
Approved February 8, 2019 at Rules, Policies, Procedures Committee

I. Purpose

The activities and services of the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) are exposed to varying degrees of risk, whether the activities take place on or off the University campus. ASI desires to meet its responsibilities arising from the activities and services it participates in and provides.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the risks evolving forth are anticipated, managed, and mitigated. The policy is designed to protect the safety and well being of ASI employees, board members, guests, volunteers and participants while preserving and protecting the physical property of the University and ASI. It is the goal of the ASI Risk Management Policy to assist in the identification and review of risk, to facilitate the selection and implementation of the best risk management techniques for any ASI activity, service, program or aspect of operations; including the Children’s Center and Radio Station.

II. Policy

It is the policy of ASI to promote and facilitate a safe and secure learning environment for its employees, board members, guests, volunteers and participants.  The ASI Executive Director and all ASI management/administrative personnel shall review activities and services to ensure appropriate risk management precautions and procedures are in place or developed.  ASI staff may be delegated authority and responsibility by the ASI Executive Director to assume this responsibility in routine activities.  The ASI Executive Director (or approved designee) may consult with campus and external risk management professionals as well as ASI Legal Counsel, prior to approval of any activity or service.  ASI shall strive to be in compliance with the risk management requirements of the CSU system and CSU Dominguez Hills where prudent and practical.


  1. Implementation

 The ASI Executive Director is designated as the ASI Risk Management Officer for the corporation. In this capacity, the ASI Executive Director shall review activities and programs to ensure that effective procedures are in place or developed for ASI programs/activities to minimize and/or mitigate liability and risk exposure. Professional and student staff may be delegated authority by the ASI Executive Director to carry out this policy in routine programs. The ASI Executive Director or designee may consult with appropriate professionals in the areas of law, insurance, risk management, etc. as necessary before approving any program which can by defined as new, unusual or suggesting risk to ASI. The Board of Directors will be consulted and/or advised when there is sufficient risk exposure to which may warrant securing additional insurance coverage or the cancellation of a program/activity.


  1. Procedure
    1. The ASI Executive Director or designee shall assess risk exposure with Committee Chairs. Sufficiently trained staff shall be assigned to the program to ensure that the potential for injury and property damage is minimized.
    2. To protect the financial security of ASI and its officers and employees, the ASI Executive Director or designee shall secure for ASI various forms of insurance and in sufficient amounts to protect those areas insured. Public liability coverage shall be in an amount of at least $1 million.
    3. ASI may retain legal counsel for advisement on issues and programs being reviewed for possible implementation. Programs which may have unusual risk exposure shall be presented by the ASI Executive Director or designee to the ASI’s insurance carrier for review. Generally, only those programs accepted by the insurance carrier will be approved. When coverage is not available through any insurance source, programs may not take place without full knowledge and approval of the Board of Directors, appropriate public safety officials and the University President or their designee.


  1. Reduction of Risk

All reasonable steps shall be taken by ASI personnel to reduce risk exposure. The following steps shall be taken on a regular, ongoing basis:

    1. Consultation with the ASI Executive Director or designee and other ASI personnel.
    2. Consultation with the Chief of University Police and Environmental Health and Safety Office of the University, or other University offices as appropriate.
    3. Training for all employees; the content of which is to focus on safety procedures and development of the awareness of and sensitivity to good and safe practices.
    4. Periodic safety programs for all employees shall be conducted during work-time and by specialists retained by ASI. The ASI Executive Director or designee shall schedule these programs to meet general and particular areas of concern.
    5. Compliance with the background check requirements established by the CSU Systemwide Human Resources Background Check Policy (Code HR 2015-08)

4. Evaluation of Risk

The ASI Executive Director or designee shall analyze and take appropriate reasonable action to determine that each program adheres to this policy. Issues which cannot be resolved may be referred to the California State University, Dominguez Hills Risk Management Officer for evaluation.