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The Associated Students, Inc. serves as the official voice of the students at California State University, Dominguez Hills.
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ASI works directly with the student clubs and organizations, as a bank teller would in a financial institution. All clubs and orgs must work with ASI to manage their financial business and activities
(i.e. deposits and disbursements).


Clubs and organizations that are recognized by the Office of Student Life may receive club points for participating in events or hosting their own. These points are totalled by the ASI Organizations Commissioner and the Accounting Manager for the entire academic year. The three clubs and orgs that accumulate the most club points by the end of the spring semester will receive cash donations into their foundation account, meaning you can fund your own events. First place receives $300, second place receives $200 and third place receives $100. The winning clubs will be notified and invited to the annual ASI Awards Banquet. Below you will see the six most common ways to receive club points and the full Club Points Matrix.

Attend CSUDH Sporting Event

100 points per organization. Suggested proof include your ticket stub, pictures at the game or using #asiorgs

Host an Event or Fundraiser

75 points per organization. Suggested proof includes confirmation of the event from OSL via ToroLink.

Attend a non-mandatory ASI Commission Meeting

50 points per organization. Suggested proof would be your name and your club name on the sign-in sheet.

Attend a Community Service Event On or Off Campus

25 points per organization. Suggested proof would be photos at the event, using #asiorgs, an event brochure or items from the event itself.

Social Media Post

10 points per organization (post per week). Suggested proof would be using #asiorgs on any social media platform.

Adding New Members

5 points per new member. Suggested proof would be the name of the new members included on sign-in sheets and/or meeting minutes.


Below you will find the complete Club Points Matrix and how club points are scored.

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If you would like to submit your request for club points, please complete the form below.

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Student clubs and organizations shall be accountable for the collection and deposits of cash and checks received by the Student Club Organizations. The student club must secure all cash ina lockbox owned and purchased by the student club or organization and shall be transferred to new club members as needed. No single person shall have complete control of the lockbox. The lockbox must be kept in a secure location. At no time shall student clubs and organizations accept credit or debit cards. The student club must make deposits to the Associated Students, Inc. when they have accumulated up to $250.00.

If the Student Club Organization fails to meet any of the above criteria, ASI will notify the Student Club Advisor and the Office of Student Life via email. If the late deposit pattern continues (three occurrences) a meeting will be held with the Student Club Advisor, Foundation Controller, ASI designee, and OSL to resolve the issue, which may include closure of the Student Club Account. For more information, please review the full Cash Handling Policy below.


There are a number of funding sources available to CSUDH Student Clubs, Organizations and Departments. These sources can be found within the ASI Organizations Commission, ASI Student Activities Commission, and Budget Call through the ASI Finance Commission. In addition to these sources, each club and org has an ASI Foundation Club Account for their use. For more guidance and info, see below.

Clubs and Orgs Commission

Funding is open to clubs and orgs only and is capped at $500 per club per year. This commission also funds professional banners, which are capped at $50.

Student Activities Commission

Funding is available to clubs, orgs and departments but requires financial input from the requestor. Funding is to be used for social activities open to all CSUDH students.

Finance Commission (Budget Call)

Applications for Budget Call can be submitted in early Spring and are for events that are planned in the upcoming fiscal year.

Club Accounts through Foundation and ASI

You must complete a new or renewal application and only authorized signers are allowed access to club account information. Funds are raised and spent by the club themselves, including promotional items.

Need advice?

Reach out to the ASI Organizations Commissioner at or the Student Activities Commissioner at for advice on which commission you should speak to.



ASI Funds are available to clubs, organizations and departments for partnership request for various campus events. Those funds are available through two (2) distinct commissions that are completely separate entities: the Clubs/Orgs Commission and the Student Activities Commission. If you would like to request funding for an event, please fill out the following form.
Program Partnership Request Form


Clubs have the option to utilize the University Printing Services for Banners. Clubs should contact the Office of Student Life for posting requirements. If your club was awarded funds of up to $50 for a club banner, please forward the invoice to the ASI business office.

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The purpose of the cash handling policy is to establish internal controls for processing cash receipts and to ensure that funds are deposited into the appropriate ASI Foundation account in a timely matter.

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Foundation provides financial accounting and disbursement for officially recognized clubs and organizations of the University​ through engagement with ASI. Please click the link to find useful information which will assist in working with your Foundation ASI account.

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Donisha Quiller

Accounting Manager | 310-243-3686.

Chinaemerem Isika

Chinaemerem Isika

Vice President of Finance | 310-243-3686

Rihab Shuaib

Rihab Shuaib

Student Activities Commissioner | 310-243-3686.

Lola White

Lola White

Organizations Commissioner | 310-243-3686.