Meet your Election Candidates

Christian Jackson - Elections Headshot

Christian Jackson, Presidential Candidate

Hello, my name is Christian Jackson and I am currently the ASI Organizations Commissioner and am running to be your next ASI President! Aside from being a sophomore Computer Science major and participating in a plethora of on-campus organizations, including Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated where I hold the position of Chapter Vice President, I also am a proud student leader dedicated to serving the students of California State University Dominguez Hills. In my role as Organizations Commissioner, I was able to assist in the increase of club and organization campus involvement as well as allocate commission funds to help with student club and organization events. It was also in this position, that I participated in the resolutions to help aid our African American, Latino American, DACA and LGBTQQIA students and connect them to the appropriate services on our campus. I strongly believe in empowering and encouraging one another and as your ASI President, I plan to create an agenda that puts student voices at the forefront of our administration. Furthermore, I hope to assist in the development of more on-campus safe spaces for students to openly express their concerns and coming knowing that their needs will be met and addressed. As your ASI President, I plan on continuing the great work set forth by the organization by making sure that all students have the same access and equal opportunities as the next. As an advocate for social justice, I plan to lay down a positive foundation for future Toros and for future leaders for change. Let’s finish the work. Vote Christian Jackson for ASI President!

Makonnen Nixon, Presidential Candidate

Makonnen Nixon, Presidential Candidate

Greetings, my name is Makonnen Nixon and I am running for the position of ASI President of California State University Dominguez Hills. The position of Chief Executive Officer of a nonprofit organization is quite the task and responsibility; one in which I will uphold the highest respect and ethics towards. This is a role in which I am most confident in my abilities and talents I possess now, as well as my desire to learn and grow throughout the entire experience. In all leadership roles, there is one critical aspect that is often disregarded and that is emotional intelligence. There are very few leaders we can look to that possess this virtuous attribute. Barack Obama is one prime example, and I have studied his presidency closely. Being a CEO of an organization takes emotional intelligence; knowing that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a true leader brings the best out of their associates while building healthy and positive relationships with them all. Empowering the student body is my ultimate goal. I wish for us all to see that it is us, the students, who are the ones with the power. That as (my president) Obama said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Celina Valadez, EVP Candidate

Celina Valadez, Executive Vice President Candidate

Hello Toros! I’m Celina Valadez, I’m a junior majoring in Public Administration and minoring in Chicanx Studies. I’m currently the Representative for the College of Business Administration and Public Policy. Within the time that I have held this position, I have helped mend the gap between staff and students, by not only having the CBAPP dean address student’s concerns but also by being an advocate of the student’s voice. It is an honor to represent the students of my college but, I want to expand my passion to aid and support the larger student body. My two greatest concerns within our campus are retention of students and insufficient funds. Dominguez Hills primarily serves students of color and, many first-generation college students, which lack the proper resources necessary for success. Furthermore, undocumented and LGBTQIA2+ students need our campus to be a safe and welcoming community. It is vital that our campus allocates the proper resources and funds to aid our diverse student body to succeed. The lack of funding that DH receives from the state is another important issue. It is crucial that DH is fully funded, that our student dollars are being used for our benefit. Our school can no longer only be partially funded when our students pay the full tuition price. If elected as Executive Vice President, I will advocate for the issues affecting the students, it will be my priority to embody the student’s voice and, it will be my pleasure to serve you all.

Carmen Parker, VPF Candidate

Carmen Parker, Vice President of Finance Candidate

My name is Carmen Parker and I am a second-year student at California State Dominguez Hills. I am running for Vice President of Finance for ASI. I am majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy and hope to attend graduate school to receive my Doctorate. In the future, I hope to become a family doctor and have my very own clinic with a community garden. Previously, I have served as a college representative for the College of Health, Human Service, and Nursing. While serving the students as a representative I helped students with many issues on campus such as finding internships or needing a class.  I value the great opportunities ASI has given me and hope to be given another chance to serve the students on campus. It would be an honor to serve as the Vice President of Finance not only to make sure student fees are being used correctly but to make sure students always come first in every financial situation on campus. With our tuition increasing, I want to make sure all student fees given to ASI are being used for the student’s needs and wants on campus. The Vice President of Finance should be hardworking, analytical and trustworthy which I believe makes me the right candidate for you.

Lola White, Organizations Commissioner Candidate

Lola White, Organizations Commissioner Candidate

My name is Lola White and I am running for Organizations Commissioner. I want to enhance club activities and involvement on campus, by informing all clubs and organizations on campus to get out and go promote their clubs and get more students involved. Being involved on campus would retain more students getting a higher GPA because it will encourage them to go out and try new opportunities and network.  My goal is to know all clubs and organizations on campus by showing my face around and telling organizations that I am here to support them through any issues they’re dealing with within their clubs/organizations and just issues on campus as well.

Amanda Tiverino, Elections Commissioner Candidate

Amanda Tijerino, Elections Commissioner Candidate

Hello! My name is Amanda Tijerino. I am a freshman and my major is Business Administration. I am currently the ASI Organizational Development Intern.  One of my responsibilities as an intern is co-chairing the Technology Resource Fee Committee, which helps improve the way technology is being used on campus for students.  I have also taken on many different leadership positions in clubs and organizations in the past and will use the knowledge I have gained from that experience in this position. As your future Elections Commissioner, my job would be to advocate and host the ASI elections next year. I want every student to know that they have a voice about what happens on our campus and I will listen to your concerns. Thank you and I look forward to serving you!

Siray Rodgers, COE Rep Candidate

Siray Rodgers, College of Education Representative Candidate

Thank you for the invitation to candidacy this year, and I look forward, and am honored to be able to state my case as a returning CSUDH alumni and masters candidate. My tenure as a college representative has bestowed me the privilege to serve and be committed to the decencies of a student government position; which in turn enables students to be activity-based that strengthens the commitment to educators. Throughout my first semester as the College of Education’s representative, and with the help and assistance from ASI’s staff, we were able to create venue and stability through sustainable resources and materials. If I am elected to serve as representative once more, before I apply to obtain my degree; my solidifications will continue for educational security, the enterprise’s increase, educational rights, finally the activity and its sponsorship. I plan to hold these into the remaining of this Spring, 2018 semester. Thank You.

Sumiyah Nahas, International Representative Candidate

Sumiyah Nahas, International Students Representative Candidate

My name is Sumiyah Nahas, I am a senior international student. I am running this campaign to be an International Students Representative.  I am currently doing my major in Bachelor in Health Science. I graduated from radiology science from Saudi Arabia. Today I am here trying to do something that I have never had the opportunity to do; despite my passion and dream to be able to be in a leadership position that could help others. I have been an international student for almost four years so I know all the ups and downs of being an international student with all the struggles, hardships and also best experiences. That is why I want to be a leader for them, to help them not feel alone since I have been in their shoes. I would like to organize meetings, gatherings, field trips so that they can meet other international students like themselves and not feel alone and homesick.

Important Election Dates To Remember

 Candidate Forum  February 27, 2018  12pm – 2pm  East Walkway A live Q&A session with all available candidates about their platforms and ambitions for the upcoming year
 Candidate Debate  March 1, 2018  5pm – 6pm  University Housing  A debate featuring all opposed positions and a chance for all unopposed positions to feature their platforms
 Electronic Voting  March 5, 2018 – March 12, 2018  All Day  Check Student Email  Voting will be conducted through BigPulse; please check your student email or visit our tabling events for details
 Elections Tabling  March 5, 2018  12pm – 1:30pm  East Walkway  Tabling for any questions or concerns about the voting process
 Elections Tabling  March 6, 2018  12pm – 1pm  Palm Courtyard  Tabling for any questions or concerns about the voting process
 Elections Tabling  March 7, 2018  12pm – 2pm  East Walkway  Tabling for any questions or concerns about the voting process
 Candidate Forum  March 8, 2018  12pm – 1pm  East Walkway  A live Q&A session with all available candidates about their platforms and ambitions for the upcoming year
 Candidate Mixer  March 8, 2018  6pm – 8pm  DH Sports Lounge  Casual and informal meet and greet with the candidates
 Election Results Announced  March 16, 2018  TBD  TBD  Elections results will be announced at a Special Board of Directors Meeting, time and location to be determined

How To Vote

In order to vote, you will need to be a registered student here at CSU Dominguez Hills. All ballots will be emailed to your Toromail account. Your student email account is your unique ID in order to vote on BigPulse. If you have any questions please visit the ASI office or stop by one of our tabling dates listed below.

Contact Elections Commissioner

Daylin JosephIf you are a candidate and have questions, or are trying to vote but still don’t know how, please contact Daylin Joseph, Elections Commissioner.

310-243-3686 or