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The Associated Students, Inc. serves as the official voice of the students at California State University, Dominguez Hills.
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Elections Letter of Announcement


Date:      March 16, 2018

To:          CSUDH Associated Students, Inc. Board of Directors

From:     Daylin Joseph, ASI Elections Commissioner; Stephen Janes, ASI Program Coordinator; and Anna Liza Garcia, Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Student Life

Re:          ASI 2018 General Election Outcome

The Associated Students, Inc. conducted their annual General Elections on March 5-12, 2018.  Elections were held online with the Elections Commission monitoring the campaign practices. The online elections and the official ballot count were managed by Big Pulse Online Voting Services and Software.  Based on an electronic count of the ballots cast over the eight-day election period, the following results were noted:

Total Votes:  927                 6.6%

Position                                                                                  Name                                                                     Percentage

International Students Rep                                               Sumiyah Nahas                    Un-opposed          92.23%

Elections Commissioner                                                     Amanda Tijerino                 Un-opposed           90.72%

Organizations Commissioner                                            Lola White                            Un-opposed           94.07%

Vice President of Finance                                                   Carmen Parker                    Un-opposed           94.71 %

Executive Vice President                                                    Celina Valadez                     Un-opposed            92.66%  

President                                                                                Makonnen Nixon                Opposed                  34.20%

President                                                                                Christian Jackson                Opposed                 65.80% Winner

Two candidates were disqualified from the ASI General Elections for violating the elections code. These results are presented for your verification with no other significant issues to report related to the process or the official count.


Contact Elections Commissioner


Daylin JosephIf you have questions about the elections process or about the results, please contact Daylin Joseph, Elections Commissioner.

310-243-3686 or