The Associated Students, Inc. is currently accepting applications for a Finance Manager. Applications will be accepted until January 29, 2018. Please visit the “Employment Opportunities” page for more information and applications.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Associated Students, Inc. is to provide leadership opportunities for students that ensure responsible and effective participation in the government of the campus. ASI advocates for the student rights, render an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed and provide educational, social and cultural activities which enhance student life at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

In Support of Our DACA Students

The Associated Students, Inc. fully supports our students who are under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) plan. ASI President Justin Blakely has an announcement in support of this and a few tips for those that may be affected by the recent revoking of DACA. We have authored a resolution stating our support and what you can do to help these students.

Proposed Budget 2017-2018

The proposed budget for the Associated Students, Inc for the 2017-2018 fiscal year is now available.

Board of Directors

ASI BOD 2017 - 2018

The Associated Students, Inc. at CSUDH offers many opportunities to get involved. Whether you like to plan events, create policies, advocate for student rights, or just meet new friends; we have you covered. Find out what you’re most passionate about and jump right in.

Visit our office located in LSU 231 and find out more about the wonderful opportunities for you to grow and develop as a leader.


Justin Blakely

ASI President |


Executive Vice President |

Grace Iheke

Vice President of Academic Affairs |

Caithlyn Torres

Vice President of Finance |

Marquel Reid

Director of Legislative Affairs |

Carolyn Tinoco

Director of Student Services |

Christian Jackson

Organizations Commissioner |


Public Affairs Commissioner |

Makonnen Nixon

Student Activities Commissioner |

Daylin Joseph

Elections Commissioner |

Thomas Lobao

College of Arts & Humanities Representative |

Laura Celina Valadez

College of Business Administration & Public Policy Representative |

Judith Steven

College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences Representative |

Carmen Parker

College of Health & Human Services Representative |

Siray Rodgers

College of Education Representative |

Chinaemerem Isika

International Students Representative |

 Services Sponsored by ASI


CSUDH Athletics Logo

The Toros are proud to be a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competing at the Division II level, bringing excitement and tradition to the campus through 10 different sports (4 Men’s, 6 Women’s). CSUDH is one of 13 universities that competes in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), the most prominent Division II conference in the nation with 154 NCAA National Championships, including CSUDH’s 2008 men’s soccer title, far more than any other conference in the nation.

Call 310-243-3893 or visit

Children's Center

The mission of the CSUDH Children’s Center is to provide quality and affordable childcare for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. The Children’s Center serves children from 2 to 5 years old.

For more information please click here.



KDHR is the student operated Internet radio station of California State University, Dominguez Hills.  KDHR began in 2004, as an idea by the ASI President, as a new opportunity for Dominguez Hills students to produce and host their own radio shows. Students can also join as an intern and learn all the skills they need to be successful in radio and audio production.

For more information call 310-243-2561 or visit the KDHR Website.

Multicultural Affairs

The Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to providing a friendly and diverse environment. We offer co-curricular opportunities and programs that are designed to encourage free expression and discussions of issues related to the creation of multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university.

The MCA celebrates and promotes the diverse cultural experiences that each member of CSUDH brings to the community. The MCA acts as a catalyst for exploring critical issues on campus by initiating discussions about racism, sexism, heterosexism, inter-ethnic relationships, cultural identity, and the historical and current realities that impact understanding of these topics.

Call 310-243-2519 or visit their office in LSU 110.

Toro Learning and Testing Center

Toro Learning Center
The Toro Learning & Testing Center (TLTC) offers a variety of academic support to all currently enrolled and matriculated CSU Dominguez Hills students. The mission of the TLTC is to create an open atmosphere of learning, promote engaged academic scholarship, and to provide students with opportunities to be fully integrated into the rich culture of the university. AAC&U (2007) describes lifelong learning as “all purposeful learning activity, undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving knowledge skills and competence.” The goal of the TLTC is to prepare students to be this type of learner by helping them develop specific dispositions and skills that will engage and empower them to become self-regulated learners.

Call 310-243-3827 or visit The Toro Learning Center Website

Vacant Board of Directors Positions

Click on the titles to read a brief description and responsibilities. If you have any questions please visit the ASI office during normal business hours.

As of November 6, 2017, there are currently no open Board of Directors positions available at ASI. Students still interested in joining student government are still encouraged to turn in an application.

 Student at Large Program

Working with Associated Students, Inc. as a Student-at-Large, you will gain leadership skills and be exposed to networking opportunities with CSUDH. You will be vital in the dissemination of campus wide information. Through creative opportunities you link the information from ASI to the CSUDH students. Associated Students, Inc. is looking for motivated individuals who have passion to participate in the governance of the campus and student life. A Student-at-Large will have the opportunity to participate in designated commission meetings and ASI programs. It is important to be professional and open to new experiences while rendering an official voice and advocating for student rights at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

  • What I have gained from my experience in the Student-at-Large Program, is not only having an active involvement within student government and the campus, but also with developing leadership skills through various workshops and training. In addition, for me the elements of the program contributed to my development through monthly one-on-ones, leadership workshops, working effectively as a team, and overall learning to become a student leader & having a voice. I have also build connections through BOD members and getting to interact with them in a unique way. And the specific skills I have gained and practiced through this experience and program is lobbying, advocating, leading, taking initiatives, giving and receiving feedback from my colleagues, and learning to have a voice for students and being open-minded. In addition, I also gained with how much hard work, time, and dedication goes on with being a part of this program; and I’m truly grateful for this program, allowing me to practice those skills.

    Khristie Soriano
    Legislative Affairs Intern, Spring 2017
  • I gained knowledge on how to effectively work with others, about myself, and daily interactions in the workplace through the SAL workshops. I learned how to prioritize myself and be aware of my self-care through one-on-one meetings with Mai-Thi (ASI Graduate Assistant), she always provided the best advice and really look out for what makes us feel better and perform better. Through hands-on experience, I became more well-knowledged of Illustrator and was able to incorporate a lot of ideas. This helped me develop excellent experience for my career goals in the future. Overall, this internship provided the best experience through hands-on activities, working in an office space, and having to collaborate with many other different individuals in order to effectively run a business.

    Jackie Ramirez
    Marketing and Advertising Intern, Spring 2017